Friday, March 27, 2015

Tulip Festival

On Wednesday, we decided to drive down to Woodburn to the Tulip Festival. I have heard about it from several people, but had never been down to see the tulips. It was beautiful! It also ended up being busier than I expected for a cloudy and cool day. I can't imagine what it would be like on a nice day.

By far, the kids enjoyed the play area the most! It definitely was a fun area for the kids to play in. I had read on the website that there was a children's play area there, but was not expecting such a big play area. The girls had fun posing in the different pictures. Malakai refused to join them.

There was a pvc pipe slide in the play area! I had never seen anything like it. It reminded me of an old roller slide that I remember sliding down somewhere when I was younger. (I think there was one in Kansas at a park, but I moved so many times as a kid and traveled a lot that I'm no sure where the roller slide was). All three kids loved the slide. I think it might have been one of Malakai's favorite things there.

The climbing wall was another hit. I'd love to make a small climbing wall at our house!

Duck races! Malakai spent a lot of time at this activity as well. You manually pumped water to make the duck float down the track.

I personally thought the tire swings were pretty cool. I have never seen swings shaped like a horse before.

All three kids spent a lot of time playing at the sand tables. I want to build something like this as well.  Malakai can spent hours playing in sand. I tried a small sand box for the kids once but they took so much sand out that I stopped getting more sand. All of them seem to play better with the sand if is up on a table instead of having to sit in it. We'll see if I ever actually get something like this made. For now it'll go on my wishful thinking list.

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