Friday, March 27, 2015

Day at the coast

Thursday was Nate's last day off work. It was forecasted to be a nice and sunny day, so we headed to Pacific City. Originally we had to planned to go to Ecola State Park (near Cannon Beach) but Sanaa said she missed the big sand hill and really wanted to climb it. So we headed to one of our favorite spots in Pacific City, Cape Kiwanda. 

The first thing Nate and Sanaa did was climb the big sand hill. They made it all the way to the top. 

After we had lunch, Malakai started pointing at the big sand hill and wanted to climb up. Layla also stated that she wanted to climb the big hill. So Nate set off with all three kids. Neither of us expected Layla or Malakai to climb far and Nate had told both of them that he was not carrying any of them. Once they got tired, they would head back down. However, Malakai and Layla did not stop climbing. Both kids made the steep climb to the top. I stayed at the bottom putting our lunch away since I fully expected them to return quick. But they didn't. Nate took a few pictures of the view and the kids at the top of the hill.

Once back down, the kids spent the rest of the time digging in the sand and playing in the waves.

Playing in the waves. Malakai stayed farther from the waves than his sisters. He still enjoyed the water, but didn't like playing in it much. Sanaa and Layla on the other hand spent a good 2 hours (probably longer) playing in the waves (and this was after they had climbed the sand hill!).

There so much we love about going to the coast. Exploring the tide pools is definitely a favorite activity. Malakai was old enough this year to be more interested in searching the tide pools. He got very excited each time we found something.

Sea life. We saw crabs, starfish, small fish, and lots of sea anemone.

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