Sunday, March 8, 2015

And we dropped like flies....

The last Thursday of February began a long week of all 5 of us getting hit with a stomach bug. It began with Malakai who threw up on me while I was waiting to drop Layla off at school. One minute he was fine and the next I was running to the bathroom with him while I left Layla with one of her friends' grandpas. The poor guy was miserable. Thankfully he only spent the morning throwing up and by the afternoon seemed a little better.

Friday Nate came home and he got sick. He was out of commission most of Saturday. I did okay on Saturday, but then late Saturday afternoon I got sick. I held off long enough to give Nate time to rest and sort of recover. He had to feed the kids dinner and get them to bed. By 8pm all 5 of us were in bed for the night.

Sunday I spent the day in bed, which meant the activities I was in charge of at church were canceled. 

Monday I was back on my feet, but Layla got sick. She stayed home for two days and was finally able to head back to school on Wednesday.

Tuesday evening Sanaa finally caught the stomach bug and she stayed home Wednesday and Thursday.

Friday was the first day we all back to our normal activities. It was a long and not fun week. I'm just thankful that I wasn't dealing with 2 or 3 kids all sick at the same time. Having each of us get sick on a different day made it a little easier to care for the sick person.

The last Friday in February Sanaa had off of school. We had a jammie day since Malakai had been sick the day before and I wanted everyone to have a down day. The kids helped me with a craft that I was planning for the Mommy and Me Playdate. We made rainbows out of paper plates, streamers, and stuffing. I then attached magnets to the back so they could hang them up on our fridge.

Saturday Nate was quite sick, so I got the kids out of the house for the morning and early afternoon. Sanaa and Layla have been taking ice skating lessons on Saturday, but they didn't have lessons the day Nate was sick since there was an ice skating competition going on at the rink. So I took the kids to the competition and then we found a new park to play at. The kids loved the park! There was a forest next to the park with fun climbing trees that the kids got to play on.

The playground also had a spelling area and Sanaa made several different words with the letters and she was able to practice her math in a different section where they had a place that you could create your own math problem. It was pretty cool.

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