Sunday, March 29, 2015

A live sculpture demonstration at church

Today at church we had a special guest speaker. Our church is currently going through a transition. Our former pastor retired about 5-6 months ago and we have a interim pastor as we wait for our new pastor to start (which will be at the end of May). Our interim pastor invited his cousin to speak this morning. His cousin is a sculptor and has a very unique presentation in which he creates something right there in the service as he talks. 

It was amazing. I loved watching it and hearing what he had to say. He spoke about all of us being a potter and sculpting something. Isaiah 64:8 says, "Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand." That is what I think of when people talk about a potter working with clay. How the Lord is molding us and working in our lives. 

I have not thought about how I am also a potter and how I mold those around me. As a mom (and friend, sister, daughter, wife, etc), the words and actions I use are my tools. I am a powerful potter right now as a stay at home mom because I have so much influence over my children and the ways in which I teach them to be followers of Jesus.

Our speaker also made the point that as a potter we leave something of us in whatever we make. The question he then asked was, are you making something that is more like you or more like Jesus? 

The end result of what was created today was a sculpture of Jesus and the question was left, who does your Jesus look like? You or Him?

Wow. So much to think about. 

Sanaa was also in the service with us and got to watch. She enjoyed it which didn't surprise me since she loves anything art related. As I thought about the very unique way in which our guest speaker used his gifts to tell others about Jesus, I wondered how our children would do the same thing. I loved the reminder that God can and will use any gift a person has (sculpting, singing, teaching, etc) to reach others. I just hope that as our kids get older and they develop their interests I can show them or encourage them to use their talents to tell others about Jesus.

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