Sunday, March 15, 2015

A few crafts

We enjoy doing arts & crafts around our house. Sanaa loves to create things and wants to keep everything in case she needs it for a project. She even told me the other day as she picked up a "treasure" off the ground that "one man's trash is another man's treasure." I started laughing when she said that to and replied that some trash is really only trash and we can't save everything. 

But she does have an awesome imagination and comes up with some creative projects. In the picture she found a rock that she colored and turned it into her parrot necklace. She said the rock was shaped like a parrots head. And it kind of is.

I enjoy doing crafts as well and covered a box with leftover fabric. The box lives in our van and collects all the random items that like to freely roam the van.

I've also struggled with the best way to store Sanaa and Layla's headbands. I saw an idea on Pinterest and created my own. Now the headbands can hang in the bathroom instead of cluttering up the girls' dresser.

A couple weeks ago, I showed Malakai and Layla how to use droppers to paint. They both had a lot of fun dropping the watered down paint onto their papers. They then picked up their papers and let the watery paint roll off their papers.

One afternoon Sanaa used our chalk to draw a stage for me. I had played my flute during the worship service at church and she got to hear me. So she drew me a stage where I could play from. She even had the music stands and microphone there!

Finally, since we spend a lot of drawing, painting, and creating, I rearranged our house and made an art/homework area. I bought a long desk at Ikea and put it where the kids' toy kitchen use to be. They've pretty much stopped playing with their kitchen but don't like the idea of me giving it away. So I moved the kitchen out to the garage and made more of a play area out there for them. The kids and I are loving this art area! I don't have to clean up their stuff or have them clean it up just so we can eat lunch or dinner. It is great having a separate area for them to use that doesn't have to be cleaned off every day. The kids of course immediately got to work and spent time there all weekend creating their own projects.

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