Sunday, March 29, 2015

A live sculpture demonstration at church

Today at church we had a special guest speaker. Our church is currently going through a transition. Our former pastor retired about 5-6 months ago and we have a interim pastor as we wait for our new pastor to start (which will be at the end of May). Our interim pastor invited his cousin to speak this morning. His cousin is a sculptor and has a very unique presentation in which he creates something right there in the service as he talks. 

It was amazing. I loved watching it and hearing what he had to say. He spoke about all of us being a potter and sculpting something. Isaiah 64:8 says, "Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand." That is what I think of when people talk about a potter working with clay. How the Lord is molding us and working in our lives. 

I have not thought about how I am also a potter and how I mold those around me. As a mom (and friend, sister, daughter, wife, etc), the words and actions I use are my tools. I am a powerful potter right now as a stay at home mom because I have so much influence over my children and the ways in which I teach them to be followers of Jesus.

Our speaker also made the point that as a potter we leave something of us in whatever we make. The question he then asked was, are you making something that is more like you or more like Jesus? 

The end result of what was created today was a sculpture of Jesus and the question was left, who does your Jesus look like? You or Him?

Wow. So much to think about. 

Sanaa was also in the service with us and got to watch. She enjoyed it which didn't surprise me since she loves anything art related. As I thought about the very unique way in which our guest speaker used his gifts to tell others about Jesus, I wondered how our children would do the same thing. I loved the reminder that God can and will use any gift a person has (sculpting, singing, teaching, etc) to reach others. I just hope that as our kids get older and they develop their interests I can show them or encourage them to use their talents to tell others about Jesus.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Day at the coast

Thursday was Nate's last day off work. It was forecasted to be a nice and sunny day, so we headed to Pacific City. Originally we had to planned to go to Ecola State Park (near Cannon Beach) but Sanaa said she missed the big sand hill and really wanted to climb it. So we headed to one of our favorite spots in Pacific City, Cape Kiwanda. 

The first thing Nate and Sanaa did was climb the big sand hill. They made it all the way to the top. 

After we had lunch, Malakai started pointing at the big sand hill and wanted to climb up. Layla also stated that she wanted to climb the big hill. So Nate set off with all three kids. Neither of us expected Layla or Malakai to climb far and Nate had told both of them that he was not carrying any of them. Once they got tired, they would head back down. However, Malakai and Layla did not stop climbing. Both kids made the steep climb to the top. I stayed at the bottom putting our lunch away since I fully expected them to return quick. But they didn't. Nate took a few pictures of the view and the kids at the top of the hill.

Once back down, the kids spent the rest of the time digging in the sand and playing in the waves.

Playing in the waves. Malakai stayed farther from the waves than his sisters. He still enjoyed the water, but didn't like playing in it much. Sanaa and Layla on the other hand spent a good 2 hours (probably longer) playing in the waves (and this was after they had climbed the sand hill!).

There so much we love about going to the coast. Exploring the tide pools is definitely a favorite activity. Malakai was old enough this year to be more interested in searching the tide pools. He got very excited each time we found something.

Sea life. We saw crabs, starfish, small fish, and lots of sea anemone.

Tulip Festival

On Wednesday, we decided to drive down to Woodburn to the Tulip Festival. I have heard about it from several people, but had never been down to see the tulips. It was beautiful! It also ended up being busier than I expected for a cloudy and cool day. I can't imagine what it would be like on a nice day.

By far, the kids enjoyed the play area the most! It definitely was a fun area for the kids to play in. I had read on the website that there was a children's play area there, but was not expecting such a big play area. The girls had fun posing in the different pictures. Malakai refused to join them.

There was a pvc pipe slide in the play area! I had never seen anything like it. It reminded me of an old roller slide that I remember sliding down somewhere when I was younger. (I think there was one in Kansas at a park, but I moved so many times as a kid and traveled a lot that I'm no sure where the roller slide was). All three kids loved the slide. I think it might have been one of Malakai's favorite things there.

The climbing wall was another hit. I'd love to make a small climbing wall at our house!

Duck races! Malakai spent a lot of time at this activity as well. You manually pumped water to make the duck float down the track.

I personally thought the tire swings were pretty cool. I have never seen swings shaped like a horse before.

All three kids spent a lot of time playing at the sand tables. I want to build something like this as well.  Malakai can spent hours playing in sand. I tried a small sand box for the kids once but they took so much sand out that I stopped getting more sand. All of them seem to play better with the sand if is up on a table instead of having to sit in it. We'll see if I ever actually get something like this made. For now it'll go on my wishful thinking list.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Multnomah Falls

Earlier this week we took the kids to see Multnomah Falls. It's spring break around here and Nate took a few days off work. We've used his days off to make some day trips around our area and see things we've wanted to see but haven't had a chance to do yet.

The kids were in awe of the waterfall. It is 611 feet tall. There are two tiers to the waterfall. The lower tier is a 69 foot drop while the upper tier is a 542 foot drop. The mist and spray from the waterfall did make it quite cool and chilly. 

We did hike all the way to the top with the kids. They did amazing. There were 11 switch backs and each time we saw one of the signs we'd have the girls read the numbers to us so we could see how much farther we had to go. We took many short breaks on the climb up.

Malakai was the luckiest one of us since he was on my back most of the time. He did walk for a very short period but then wanted to be carried again.

The view from the top was great! There was a little platform over the top of the waterfall so we could look down. I briefly looked over the edge but I'm terrified of heights, so I stayed back from the edge.

Nate took a picture that looked down over the waterfall. The cars in the parking lot below looked like tiny bugs!

A picture of most of the waterfall for a better idea of how tall it is.

Poor Malakai was one tuckered out little boy. I guess being carried up nearly 700 feet on a hike is just plain exhausting. Haha!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A few crafts

We enjoy doing arts & crafts around our house. Sanaa loves to create things and wants to keep everything in case she needs it for a project. She even told me the other day as she picked up a "treasure" off the ground that "one man's trash is another man's treasure." I started laughing when she said that to and replied that some trash is really only trash and we can't save everything. 

But she does have an awesome imagination and comes up with some creative projects. In the picture she found a rock that she colored and turned it into her parrot necklace. She said the rock was shaped like a parrots head. And it kind of is.

I enjoy doing crafts as well and covered a box with leftover fabric. The box lives in our van and collects all the random items that like to freely roam the van.

I've also struggled with the best way to store Sanaa and Layla's headbands. I saw an idea on Pinterest and created my own. Now the headbands can hang in the bathroom instead of cluttering up the girls' dresser.

A couple weeks ago, I showed Malakai and Layla how to use droppers to paint. They both had a lot of fun dropping the watered down paint onto their papers. They then picked up their papers and let the watery paint roll off their papers.

One afternoon Sanaa used our chalk to draw a stage for me. I had played my flute during the worship service at church and she got to hear me. So she drew me a stage where I could play from. She even had the music stands and microphone there!

Finally, since we spend a lot of drawing, painting, and creating, I rearranged our house and made an art/homework area. I bought a long desk at Ikea and put it where the kids' toy kitchen use to be. They've pretty much stopped playing with their kitchen but don't like the idea of me giving it away. So I moved the kitchen out to the garage and made more of a play area out there for them. The kids and I are loving this art area! I don't have to clean up their stuff or have them clean it up just so we can eat lunch or dinner. It is great having a separate area for them to use that doesn't have to be cleaned off every day. The kids of course immediately got to work and spent time there all weekend creating their own projects.