Monday, February 23, 2015

Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day I took the kids to a Frozen themed party at our church. It was one that I along with several others from the church planned. The party was a huge hit! We had 75 kids attend and two-thirds of those kids were not kids from our church. I only took 2 pictures while there since I was busy running around. We hired an Elsa and Anna to come and take pictures with all the kids. A couple of high school girls from our church helped watch my kids during the party so that I could help with other things. 

When Malakai heard that Elsa and Anna were going to be at the party he was so excited! He kept saying, "Anna! Anna!" quite excitedly all morning. But when he actually got to meet them he clammed up and would not let Tiffany put him down. 

I gave the kids just a few items for Valentine's day. They got a coloring pad where you used the magic marker to color with and color appeared on the pictures. Sanaa and Layla sat there for 30 minutes coloring and talking excitedly about what color their pictures were. Malakai colored for about 10 minutes (which is long for him).

Gramma Carol sent some new Sunday outfits. The kids love them. Malakai's outfit also has a clip on tie that he refuses to wear. Layla has worn her dress for the last 3 Sundays as well as a couple days during the week. I kind of think she'd live in the dress if I let her. Sanaa has worn hers several times as well. When the outfits arrived they all insisted on putting them on immediately so, the girls weren't wearing tights that actually matched.

As I cooked dinner, Malakai went and found a pair of Sanaa's sparkly black boots to wear with his outfit. He was quite proud of his outfit and wasn't happy when I made him take it off at bed time.

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