Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sanaa and Layla's first ice skating lessons

Through the park and rec center here I can sign the kids up for a variety of activities. Most of the time we've just stuck with swimming lessons. Sanaa and Layla have been asking to do different things such as ballet, gymnastics, and ice skating. The ice skating was the only thing I could get to work with our schedule. So both girls had their first lessons today. Sanaa's class is first and then we hang out for about 30 minutes until Layla's class begins. I thought that 30 minutes between classes would take forever to pass, but I packed a lunch for the kids and by the time they were done eating and had a bathroom break we only had to wait about 5 minutes for Layla's class to begin. 

Sanaa's class has 10 kids in it. I didn't realize they liked to have the kids wear helmets. When I learned to ice skate I didn't wear a helmet. My dad just laced up my skates, helped me stand up, and told me to go! Anyway, next time the girls want to take their bike helmets to wear.

The teacher talked about how to fall. So if the kid starts to feel like they are falling then are to lean to one and land on the side of their bottom. Much easier said than done!

They skated back and forth 3-4 times and practiced gliding, marching, and stopping. Most kids stopped by falling.

At the end each kid in Sanaa's class got skate under the helper's arms (like limbo). Sanaa fell, like most of the other kids and I think I caught a picture of her just as she was going down.

Layla was so excited. Learning how to walk in skates was exciting. As we waited for her class she fell a couple times because she thought she could walk fast. I did spend a lot of time over the last week talking with the girls about how hard ice skating was. I kept telling them that ice is very slippery and you're going fall a lot as you learn. I don't think either of them believed me until they were actually on the ice. I am glad I told them over and over that they would fall a lot because I think in some way that did prepare them and they didn't get frustrated or cry over falling. In fact, they would smile and laugh. I even got several thumbs up from them after they'd fallen.

Sanaa really wanted to take a picture of Layla. She got one of Layla right after she had fallen. At the beginning of the lesson, Layla fell a lot and really struggled to get up. Her skates would just slide out from under her. I started to wonder if she would get frustrated and cry but she just kept smiling.

The girls can't wait for their next lesson. It'll be a lot of fun to see how they do over the next few weeks.

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