Monday, February 23, 2015

Layla's school Valentine's Day party

The Thursday before Valentine's Day Layla's preschool class had their Valentine's Day party. I think Layla had fun. She was very quiet and hesitant to play the games (which is not normally how she acts). One of the games they played was a race where the kids had their feet on paper hearts and they slid their feet across the floor. Layla was hardly moving, so her teacher Mrs. Marek jumped on some hearts and started chasing her. Layla did beat Mrs. Marek, but I'm not sure why Layla had her fingers in her mouth.

Malakai did well watching and at the end got to enjoy some of the snacks with Layla and her class. Again, Layla spent some time just sitting there while Malakai devoured his snack. She did perk up once we were home, so maybe she was just acting that way because there were so many extra people in the room. Who knows.

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