Friday, February 27, 2015

Waiting for Layla's school day to begin

After we drop Sanaa off at school we walk next door and wait until Layla's school begins. Layla and Malakai have nearly 30 minutes to hang out and play. They have a great time together playing tag, crawling around like different animals, pretending to be babies, and whatever else they can come up with. Eventually, some of Layla's classmates begin arriving and then all the kids start playing until class starts. 

One morning Layla convinced Malakai to give her a horsy ride. I didn't realize Malakai was strong enough to hold Layla but he carried her a couple feet to the mat (where she fell off and they started wrestling).

Monday, February 23, 2015

Layla's school Valentine's Day party

The Thursday before Valentine's Day Layla's preschool class had their Valentine's Day party. I think Layla had fun. She was very quiet and hesitant to play the games (which is not normally how she acts). One of the games they played was a race where the kids had their feet on paper hearts and they slid their feet across the floor. Layla was hardly moving, so her teacher Mrs. Marek jumped on some hearts and started chasing her. Layla did beat Mrs. Marek, but I'm not sure why Layla had her fingers in her mouth.

Malakai did well watching and at the end got to enjoy some of the snacks with Layla and her class. Again, Layla spent some time just sitting there while Malakai devoured his snack. She did perk up once we were home, so maybe she was just acting that way because there were so many extra people in the room. Who knows.

Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day I took the kids to a Frozen themed party at our church. It was one that I along with several others from the church planned. The party was a huge hit! We had 75 kids attend and two-thirds of those kids were not kids from our church. I only took 2 pictures while there since I was busy running around. We hired an Elsa and Anna to come and take pictures with all the kids. A couple of high school girls from our church helped watch my kids during the party so that I could help with other things. 

When Malakai heard that Elsa and Anna were going to be at the party he was so excited! He kept saying, "Anna! Anna!" quite excitedly all morning. But when he actually got to meet them he clammed up and would not let Tiffany put him down. 

I gave the kids just a few items for Valentine's day. They got a coloring pad where you used the magic marker to color with and color appeared on the pictures. Sanaa and Layla sat there for 30 minutes coloring and talking excitedly about what color their pictures were. Malakai colored for about 10 minutes (which is long for him).

Gramma Carol sent some new Sunday outfits. The kids love them. Malakai's outfit also has a clip on tie that he refuses to wear. Layla has worn her dress for the last 3 Sundays as well as a couple days during the week. I kind of think she'd live in the dress if I let her. Sanaa has worn hers several times as well. When the outfits arrived they all insisted on putting them on immediately so, the girls weren't wearing tights that actually matched.

As I cooked dinner, Malakai went and found a pair of Sanaa's sparkly black boots to wear with his outfit. He was quite proud of his outfit and wasn't happy when I made him take it off at bed time.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Knock, Knock jokes

We have discovered knock, knock jokes and there is one that will just make our kids dissolve into a fit of laughter. One evening I read some jokes to the kids and they'd laugh a little, but there was one joke that made them giggle so much that they couldn't stop. They've continued to share that joke many times. Even Malakai tries to tell the joke!

Here's the joke in case you hear it from them:
Knock, Knock.
Whose there?
Anita who?
Anita go to the bathroom!

Malakai's version sounds more like:
Ahhk, Ahhk
Ooo, der
Eeda go potty!
And then he busts out laughing. You typically don't get a chance to answer since he says all the parts of the joke himself. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sanaa and Layla's first ice skating lessons

Through the park and rec center here I can sign the kids up for a variety of activities. Most of the time we've just stuck with swimming lessons. Sanaa and Layla have been asking to do different things such as ballet, gymnastics, and ice skating. The ice skating was the only thing I could get to work with our schedule. So both girls had their first lessons today. Sanaa's class is first and then we hang out for about 30 minutes until Layla's class begins. I thought that 30 minutes between classes would take forever to pass, but I packed a lunch for the kids and by the time they were done eating and had a bathroom break we only had to wait about 5 minutes for Layla's class to begin. 

Sanaa's class has 10 kids in it. I didn't realize they liked to have the kids wear helmets. When I learned to ice skate I didn't wear a helmet. My dad just laced up my skates, helped me stand up, and told me to go! Anyway, next time the girls want to take their bike helmets to wear.

The teacher talked about how to fall. So if the kid starts to feel like they are falling then are to lean to one and land on the side of their bottom. Much easier said than done!

They skated back and forth 3-4 times and practiced gliding, marching, and stopping. Most kids stopped by falling.

At the end each kid in Sanaa's class got skate under the helper's arms (like limbo). Sanaa fell, like most of the other kids and I think I caught a picture of her just as she was going down.

Layla was so excited. Learning how to walk in skates was exciting. As we waited for her class she fell a couple times because she thought she could walk fast. I did spend a lot of time over the last week talking with the girls about how hard ice skating was. I kept telling them that ice is very slippery and you're going fall a lot as you learn. I don't think either of them believed me until they were actually on the ice. I am glad I told them over and over that they would fall a lot because I think in some way that did prepare them and they didn't get frustrated or cry over falling. In fact, they would smile and laugh. I even got several thumbs up from them after they'd fallen.

Sanaa really wanted to take a picture of Layla. She got one of Layla right after she had fallen. At the beginning of the lesson, Layla fell a lot and really struggled to get up. Her skates would just slide out from under her. I started to wonder if she would get frustrated and cry but she just kept smiling.

The girls can't wait for their next lesson. It'll be a lot of fun to see how they do over the next few weeks.

Friday, February 6, 2015

A little of this and a little of that

I did not realize it had been two weeks since I last posted. I guess that's just the season of life we're in. I take fewer pictures but our days are quite busy. By the evening I'm quite tired. 

I have a bunch of random pictures from the past couple of weeks. Sanaa finished painting all the canvases one of her friends had given her for her birthday. She hung them up where she wanted. I tried to help her hang them a little more evenly but she insisted that they were perfect and right where she wanted them.

Layla and Malakai are becoming better friends. It took them awhile to figure out how to play together. Layla was use to playing with Sanaa all the time and just viewed Malakai as a baby (and probably an annoyance). The first few weeks after Sanaa started 1st grade Layla spent a lot of time whining about Malakai bugging her. Now the two of them will go off and actually play together. Malakai has also become a very affectionate little guy. Before nap and bed time he asks for a kiss from each of his sisters.

Speaking of Malakai and Layla playing together, one afternoon it got a little quite as I helped Sanaa with her homework. Layla and Malakai then came out to the kitchen and said they had big boo-boos but had taken care of it. Their choice of band-aids were from my bathroom. They had been playing with the feminine hygiene products. No wonder they had been so quiet.

Along with running Kid City on Sunday mornings, I also coordinate a Mommy and Me Play Date group that meets once a month. I've wanted to drop the play dates because it wasn't originally my idea and the play dates basically got left in my lap. When I went to cancel them I had some other moms step up to help, which took a lot of the pressure off. There is still some stress with it, but this past week the number of moms that came jumped from 3 to 11. It was incredible and finally made me feel like the time I put into coordinating the play dates was beginning to pay off.

At each play date I have a simple craft available for the kids. This month we made heart shaped animals. The kids helped make some before the play date so that I could advertise the craft. Sanaa made a penguin and panda. Malakai made a panda that he then added eyebrows and other facial features to. Layla made a cat and lion, although her cat looks more like a pig since the whiskers were drawn so lightly.

For the Super Bowl we let the kids eat at their folding table in the living room. They thought it was the best thing ever!

I discovered that Layla took a very cute selfie with my phone.

And last, Layla's preschool had a fireman come visit. She came with a fireman hat and was very excited to show it off.