Monday, January 12, 2015

Our 12th anniversary

Nate and I had our 12th anniversary on January 4. We didn't do much. In the evening Nate went and picked up some takeout and we watched some tv. That Sunday had been a little stressful for me. It was the first Sunday that I led Kid City at our church and when I arrived I discovered that nothing was loaded or ready to go on the computer. One of the tech volunteers spent the entire Sunday school hour uploading everything I would need and got the very last song uploaded as the kids walked in. Kid City is a mix of short skits and/or dramas, a worship time, a 10 minute video on our lesson, and an activity. So we use the computer a lot since it plays our worship DVD's and Bible lesson. But it all got taken care of. I have also talked with the staff at the church and there is a plan as to who will be uploading the lessons and music each week for me. This past Sunday went much better than my first Sunday.

Since it was our anniversary, Sanaa was very sweet and made a special picture for Nate and I.

The Tuesday after our anniversary I drove to church for a meeting with the children's ministry team. I drove through a lot of thick fog but once I got up to our church I broke through the fog and it was beautiful. Malakai thought the clouds on the tress were fun. Our house down in the valley somewhere under that fog.

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