Friday, January 23, 2015

Malakai's big boy room

On Tuesday we made a big change in Malakai's room. Layla and Malakai helped me take apart Malakai's crib and remove it from his room. For over a year (or maybe longer) Malakai has had a crib and twin bed in his room. The twin bed had been in Sanaa and Layla's room but we eventually got them a bunk bed and moved the twin bed into Malakai's room. Back in November I converted Malakai's crib into a toddler bed in the hopes that he would eventually start sleeping on his twin bed. But he had absolutely no interest in the twin bed. I talked briefly with Nate and we figured that as long as his crib was in the room he would probably never transition to the twin bed. 

For a few weeks I've been thinking about when the best time to remove Malakai's crib would be, but there never seemed to be a good time. So Tuesday, instead of having Malakai nap, I removed his crib and rearranged his room

He was so excited! He kept jumping around saying, "Yay! Yay!" When we brought Sanaa home from school, Malakai was very excited to show her and ran into his room and said, "Ta-da!"

I wasn't sure how the first night of sleep would go, but since he didn't have a nap it went pretty well. He cried a little when I first laid him down but I rubbed his back for a short time and then he fell asleep. Wednesday he woke up happy and excited! In fact, all week, he has woken up in a great mood. Normally he would be a little cranky and sometimes whiny in the morning. But since he started sleeping in his big boy bed he has not woken up cranky at all. He also hasn't been throwing tantrums in the morning like he did last week and all the weeks before that. I have no way to prove this, but I think he is a lot more comfortable on his twin bed. It's quite possible he wasn't getting a good nights sleep in his crib/toddler bed which led to him being whiny and cranky in the mornings. 

Malakai continues to nap well on his new bed and we have no issues with him climbing off his bed and coming out of his room. His sisters would come out of their room all the time when we moved them from a crib to a bed (and still do), but Malakai will wait on his bed and call for us to come get him!

With the new room arrangement I was able to move the small bookcase that had been in the garage into his room to hold a few books and some of his toys. I also moved his workbench over so that he now has a little toy corner.

On Wednesday I took Malakai shopping while Sanaa and Layla were at school. I let him pick out his comforter and a second set of sheets. He chose a ball theme, which works great! It'll be something he can use for many years.

Layla and Malakai now spend more time playing in his room, which is wonderful! When Sanaa comes home from school she also likes to play in Malakai's room with him.

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