Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tea party at Bella's

Sanaa was invited to her friends Isabella's house for a tea party (or hot cocoa party). When I dropped Sanaa off, Isabella's mom invited Layla to stay as well so both girls got to enjoy the tea party. Isabella is in Sanaa's 1st grade class and they have because good friends this fall. Isabella's mom did a fantastic job and the girls loved it! They had snacks, decorated cookies, and did a couple crafts as well.

Isabella's dad took all the pictures and then gave each mom a little zip drive with the party pictures when we picked up out kids. Isabella is the girl on the right end in the red dress. Jesimae is between Layla and Isabella and another of Sanaa's good friends.

Cookie decorating time!

Enjoying their hot cocoa and snacks.

Craft time! Layla didn't participate in the crafts. She was off playing with a couple of the other girls. But Sanaa loved the crafts!

Isabella's mom made nearly all of the treats and I thought these snowman cupcakes were adorable!

The girls came home very tired, but it had been a busy day. The morning of the tea party, Sanaa and Layla had been at church for the Christmas musical dress rehearsal. So they had spent 3 hours at church, had an hour break at home, and then were at Isabella's party for 2 hours. 

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