Sunday, December 7, 2014

Snow day!

On November 13th, the kids had their first snow day of the year. The kids were happy to stay home and we made hot cocoa to go with our breakfast. Every year the kids ask to drink hot cocoa but so far they have yet to actually drink it. I really think they like the idea of hot cocoa but not so much the hot cocoa itself. They all ate the marshmallows that were in the cocoa, but Sanaa was the only one to drink any of it and she only drank about half of hers.

And this is what our snow day looked like. The kids kept asking where the snow was. We did get some freezing rain and I know other areas around us got some snow, but it was not the bad weather we had expected. So Sanaa ended up getting lucky and had a 1 day school week due to the snow day. The kids had had Monday and Tuesday off due to teacher inservice. Unfortunately, Sanaa got sick over her long weekend and was sick from Saturday to Wednesday, so I kept her home from school on Wednesday. Then Thursday was a snow day. Friday she finally went back to school.

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