Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sanaa's first grade teacher

Last week was a very tough week for the parents and kids in Sanaa's class. I'm not going into the details but Sanaa's teacher had to leave suddenly and the kids never got to say goodbye.

This past Monday, one of the moms from Sanaa's class was able to arrange a time for Sanaa and her classmates to see their teacher and have a chance to say goodbye. When their teacher walked into the house where we were meeting all the children rushed to her and gave her the biggest group hug I have ever seen. There wasn't an eye dry in the house when that occurred. 

Sanaa now has a new teacher. It's a lady that has subbed a few times in her class. Overall, I think the new teacher will be fine. Sanaa's only complaint is that her new teacher doesn't speak enough Spanish! Sanaa's former teacher spoke very little English and spent most of the day speaking in Spanish. It sounds like her new teacher is speaking about half the day in English. I had to chuckle when Sanaa told me her new teacher didn't speak enough Spanish. What a change from the beginning of the year when she wanted her teacher to speak more in English!

Sanaa with Maestra Santana

 The kids in Sanaa's class rushing to the door to hug their teacher.

Approximately half of Sanaa's class was able to be there Monday to see their teacher.

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