Sunday, December 7, 2014

Reading, field trip, and other stuff

Sanaa wrote and illustrated her first book. She called her book, "The Wild Flower." It was very creative! In the pictures below she's reading her book to Layla and Malakai.

Sanaa's 1st grade class went on a field trip to visit the fire station. She had a blast and was very excited to tell us all about it. All the kids got plastic firemen's hats which they were wearing when we picked her up from school.

A day or so before Thanksgiving I decided to change Malakai's crib into a toddler bed. I wasn't sure how he'd react. He cried when I put him down for a nap and came out of his room once. But after I held him and laid him back down he whimpered a little bit and then fell asleep. Since then, he hasn't come out of his room at all. It's amazing! Sanaa and Layla were constantly coming out of their room once we turned their cribs into a toddler bed and that's what I expected Malakai to do. But he doesn't come out of his room at all. In fact, in the morning (and after his naps) when he wakes up, he stays on his bed and calls for either Nate or I to come get him!

The kids have started a new routine where at each meal they all have to pray. Malakai usually prays first, then Layla, and finally Sanaa. I can't understand what Malakai is saying since it sounds like gibberish, but he always ends with an, "Ahhh meh!" The other night I decided to peek at him while Sanaa was praying and then took a quick picture. He was really concentrating on the prayer!

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