Sunday, December 7, 2014

Random pictures from the past couple months

There are times I have to make a post just to place all the random pictures that don't really fit any where else and that is this post. We apparently have 3 Anna's in our house and they all look pretty cute! (I'm sure Malakai will really dislike this picture when he's older).

Layla and Sanaa had to try on my sunglasses. Sanaa decided she had to do some type of pose too.

I finally got Malakai to stop wearing his sister's princess dresses. I found a superman outfit at a consignment sale and he actually likes wearing it! He still does wear his sister's dress up close. Currently he likes to wear Sanaa's Rainbow Dash outfit (the one she wore for Halloween) but I haven't gotten a picture of him in it yet. He did wear it when our Life Group came over the other week and they thought it was great!

Malakai got very quiet one day and I wasn't sure what was going on. Then I saw him looking at books. He is never this still! So I had to take a picture just to document the fact that yes, he can sit still and look at books.

Layla wanted to hold Malakai and asked me to take their picture. They took a nice picture of them smiling and then they made funny faces.

I took the kids to my parents house and Sanaa and Layla went down to the garden with my dad. A little while later I heard them knocking at the door and they had something to show me. They had found a newt in the garden. They were very excited! They also wanted to keep it, but I convinced them to leave it in the garden. Layla did inform me that it's name was Newty Newt.

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