Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Our Christmas tree this year

This year, I sent Nate and the girls out to pick a Christmas tree while I stayed home with Malakai who was napping. Sanaa and Layla picked out the tree last year too, so I figured they'd pick a good one. When they arrived home, the tree looked small on top of the car. It was bundled up quite nicely and looked thinner than our tree last year. That was fine with me. Our living room is small, so we didn't need a big tree. But then, Nate cut the strings on the tree and all the branches came out. Wow! I almost think they picked out a wider and fuller tree than last year!

The kids were very proud of their tree and love having it. We've already broken 5 ornaments this year, so I'm glad we didn't put as many ornaments on it. I'm really happy I made the decision to keep some of the more special ornaments off the tree this year considering how many have been knocked off and broken.

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