Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Layla's school Christmas program

Last Tuesday Layla had her Christmas program at school. Nate was not able to make it. He was home in bed and fighting the flu. I had the flu the weekend before and then Nate caught it. So I took all the kids to the program and met my parents there. Layla was a lot of fun to watch! She did keep pulling her dress off her shoulder in-between songs and I'm not sure why she did that. Layla is also not shy in front of a crowd. We were too far back to get a good picture of Layla. She is in the front row in the green dress and pink tights. She insisted that the pink tights matched her green dress better than the black ones I tried to get her to wear. So, I didn't fight it. I have decided to let my kids dress themselves the way they want. It is not worth fighting over anymore.

I also tried to get a nice picture of Layla in front of the Christmas tree at her school, but that didn't happen either. All I can say is that this is Layla. This is her personality and I'd much rather have her fun-loving, silly-face-making personality shine through pictures than attempting to get the perfect picture of her smiling!

Malakai on the other hand, loves to pose with a big smile for pictures and insisted on getting his picture taken. In fact, he tried to join a completely different family as they were taking a picture of their daughter. He saw someone with a camera taking a picture and ran right over to join their picture!

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