Sunday, December 28, 2014

Layla's Christmas party at preschool

The Thursday before Christmas break Layla had her Christmas party at preschool. I arrived early to help set up, but some other moms had arrived even earlier and had everything already to go. So we headed to the music room where all the 4-year-old classes were and watched. We got some time to take pictures of each class with their teacher. Below is Layla's class with her teacher Mrs. Marek.

Santa made a surprise visit and read a list of ways that we could give presents to Jesus (i.e. being nice to each other, reading the Bible, going to church, etc).

Layla's class with Santa and his helper.

After the visit from Santa, the kids headed back to their classrooms for their parties. They had a craft, games, and snacks. Layla made a tree ornament with small branches glued onto a stick and then decorated it with colored pom-poms and buttons.

For the snack, they decorated their own cookies with icing and sprinkles. Layla mainly ate the icing and sprinkles and left the cookie.

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