Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dr. Newheart's Christmas cure

On December 14th the children at church did a Christmas musical during the worship hour. You'll notice I only have two pictures. That is because while the musical was going on I was sitting on the floor in the very front doing hand motions and holding up signs to let the kids know when to do what. I worked with four other adults from church to get the musical done. 

Back in September our pastor announced his retirement and that led to our children's pastor and youth pastor leaving. Our children's pastor was in charge of the musical and with her leaving we didn't know what would happen with the musical. But, we pulled the it off and the kids did great! Sanaa was a part of the choir and stood in the front row. It's very hard to see her but she is on the left side, second child in, looking behind her. I took this picture about an hour before the kids performed the musical as they practice just a few spots.

The preschoolers were also a part of the musical! During one song they walked in dressed as different characters from the manger scene. Layla is one of the angels and is standing between Mary and Joseph. After the musical was over, an older gentleman came up to me and said, "I don't know if you saw, but your angel (a.k.a. Layla) decided to walk backwards down the aisle as she exited. So I gently turned her around so she didn't trip." Oh my. I guess she wanted to make a lasting impression as she exited.

Our children's pastor was also in charge of Kid City which the elementary kids attend during the worship service. The kids start out with the adults in the worship service and then are dismissed to Kid City. For a couple months no one stepped up to do Kid City and I kept having this nagging thought that I needed to help. During the fall it didn't matter that no one was in charge of Kid City because we used that time to practice for the musical. Once the musical ended it was beginning to look like we wouldn't have a Kid City for the kids to attend, so beginning on January 4th I will begin planning and leading Kid City. I'm a bundle of nerves right now! I think if I can get through the month of January I will feel a lot more confident in leading Kid City.

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