Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Eve

Nate had Christmas Eve off this year! I'm sure he's had other Christmas Eve's off, but I don't remember when they were. It really feels like he works most holidays, so it was a very nice change to have him home for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

After breakfast we let the kids open their stockings. I think we're going to start letting the kids open their stockings on Christmas Eve and then wait until Christmas to open the gifts under the tree. They were so excited!

I also pulled out one gift from under the tree for each of. Each of them got a robe! The girls have been asking for robes for about a year now. Since they got them, they have worn them each day.

Since summer, Sanaa has been asking for face paint. She received some of that in her stocking and asked me to paint her face like the picture on the box.

Both girls received some new headbands. I made the different princesses with ribbon and then glued them onto some headbands. I gave Layla a Tinkerbell and Cinderella headband while Sanaa received Aurora and Ariel.

Layla still loves My Little Pony and was very excited to find Applejack in her stocking. I guess Rainbow Dash now has a friend to play with.

And because I was taking so many pictures of his sisters, Malakai wanted a picture as well as he held his new yo-yo.

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