Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas cookie baking

The Saturday after Thanksgiving I took the kids over to my parents house to bake Christmas cookies with my mom. The girls wore their aprons with me, but Malakai would have nothing to do with his apron.

Both Sanaa and Layla had a turn cutting out some cookies, but they quickly lost interest in the process.

Malakai on the other hand loved it! He hung out and helped with the cookies for quite awhile. I had thought the girls would stay to help more but they were more interested in running around outside and Malakai wanted to keep cutting out cookies.

When it was time to decorate, Sanaa and Layla came back to help with that.

I'm fairly positive the kids ate more icing and sprinkles then they used to decorate with, but we only do Christmas cookies once a year.

While we were working on baking cookies, grandpa hung up some Christmas lights outside. Our kids are now asking why we haven't hung up any lights outside of our house, so it looks like we might buy some after Christmas this year to use for next year. According to Sanaa, our house is boring because we didn't decorate the outside!

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