Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Celebrating Christmas

Christmas morning we spent at home. The kids were so excited and could barely make it through breakfast. I tried very hard to keep some kind of order as gifts were opened. But they just tore through everything and it felt like a tornado. They loved the gifts they received. One of the first gifts Layla opened was a bow and arrow from Uncle Caleb and Aunt Sarah. All gift opening stopped once that gift came out and everyone needed to try it.

Layla and Malakai had a hard time. Layla did let Nate help her, but Malakai would not accept any help whatsoever and then huffed angrily because he couldn't do it.

Sanaa on the other hand, figured it out right away and has had a lot of fun with it. I did have to make some rules such as no aiming it at your siblings and you cannot use the suction arrows to attempt to climb the sliding glass door. Layla did try to climb the back door and of course fell when the suction didn't hold. But I'm not surprised. Layla has the personality trait in which she has to try something and fail before she actually believes you.

Sanaa and Layla were fast at opening their gifts, but Malakai was very careful about ripping the paper. He would do some of it and then hand me the present so I could remove the rest of the wrapping.

The girls painted some very special gifts for me. A few weeks ago, Nate took them to a ceramic store and the girls painted some wonderful serving dishes. Sanaa painted the large bowl and Layla painted the heart-shaped serving dish. We've used these dishes every day to hold fruit or veggies in.

Malakai's favorite gift was a musical wand that was actually given to Layla and has been fought over on a consistent basis since Christmas. He is obsessed with anything that has to do with Elsa or Anna. He likes Olaf, but you can tell he has a definite preference.

After we finished opening gifts at our house we got dressed and ready to head over to my parents house for the afternoon. When we arrived my mom let them open their stockings. We waited until after lunch to open the gifts under the tree.

My dad had his train set up again this year and all the kids love watching it. Malakai will ask grandpa to turn it on by making some train sounds and then turning in a circle.

Sanaa got a fun princess crayon rubbing set and both she and Layla have made several princess pictures to color.

For Malakai, I asked for a take-a-part plane and car. Nate's parents got him the car and my parents got him the plane. He loves both and has had fun taking the plane and car apart. Once they are apart he typically asks Sanaa and Layla to put them back together! I did enjoy watching my dad and Malakai figure out how to put the plane together.

Malakai thought my kitchen rug was so nice it would make a good bed!

The kids also received some new games to play. So far, they've only wanted to play one game that is themed after the Frozen movie. We played that game 4 times in one day and they also got grandpa to play with them!

The Sunday after Christmas we went back to my parents house to celebrate Christmas with my brother and his family. We had a great time and I know the girls really enjoyed getting horsy rides from aunt Karen!

We also took some family pictures. A nice one of us smiling and then one with us making silly faces!

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