Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Apples galore

There is a wonderful fruit and vegetable stand near my parents house that I love to stop at. Just before Thanksgiving they close for the season, so everything was super cheap. I bought a 40 pound box of apples for $18 (which breaks down to $0.45 a pound) and used those apples for applesauce, mini apple pies, some apple butter and of course just to eat. The day I made applesauce and mini apple pies, Layla and Malakai had to help. Malakai helped by sneaking apple bit to eat. Layla was quite a bit more helpful and helped mix the apple pie filling and scoop it into the mini pie cups.

I think I made 7-8 quarts of applesauce before it was time to get Sanaa and got to use my grandma's apple masher (not sure what you really call it). My mom got it after my grandma passed away and let me borrow it.

Layla and Malakai also tried to help by removing all the apples from the box so they could play in the box. It was at least thoughtful of them to sit the apples on the inserts instead of directly on the floor.

The apron was made by a friend a couple years ago and Malakai insisted on wearing it since it had apples on it.

The mini apple pies. We took some to my parents house for Thanksgiving and kept some at home to enjoy. Sanaa actually enjoyed them and ate a couple. Even though Layla and Malakai helped with them, neither of them were interested in tasting them.

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