Sunday, December 28, 2014

A few holiday traditions (new and old)

It's fun at the kids get older to see what they ask to do around the holidays. Last year I shaped pizza dough into candy cane shapes. I didn't mention it this year, but they remembered it from last year and asked. We usually have homemade pizza on Saturday nights and Sanaa specifically asked to make candy cane shaped pizzas since it was the last Saturday before Christmas. 

Layla requested that we have green icing for our cinnamon rolls Sunday morning since it was the Sunday before Christmas.

A new tradition they might ask for next year is decorating edible Christmas trees. I had some waffle cones in our pantry that we didn't use this summer (mainly because I forgot we had them since they were on the top shelf behind some items). I mixed up more green icing, looked around for "decorations" and after lunch one day let the kids make their own dessert.

All of them needed help with the icing part, but they really enjoyed decorating their trees. We used mini marshmallows, gummy bears, and red and green mini chocolate chips. Sanaa was the only to actually eat her tree.

Malakai really enjoyed decorating his tree and then posed for a picture. After I took his picture he began eating all the candy decorations and ignored the tree part.

Layla also had a great time decorating her tree. After taking her picture she also ate the decorations and then a little bit of her tree too. After dinner, she ate more of the tree but never finished it.

Finally, I surprised the kids one afternoon by decorating our fridge as a snowman. I cut the circles, the hat, and the carrot nose from some foam sheets and stuck magnets to the back of them. Sanaa drew the carrot nose for me, but didn't know why I was making one at the time. For the scarf I just used some wrapping paper and taped it on. I'm pretty sure we'll be decorating the fridge again next year so I plan to pack the snowman parts in with our other decorations.

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