Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sanaa's school jog-a-thon

Back in September, Sanaa's school had a jog-a-thon to raise money. They were challenged to raise $25,000 and if they met that goal, the principle would a get a pie in the face. A couple of weeks after the jog-a-thon they had a special assembly where different classes and individuals were awarded prizes. The kids at Sanaa's school met their and surpassed their goal! They raised just over $30,000! Sanaa's class got recognized as the class that had the highest average amount of money collected with about $174 per kid. Each kid in Sanaa's class got a special school pin.

Sanaa ran/walked 19 laps. She also told me that at one pointed she stopped because she noticed a dead caterpillar in the grass that someone had stepped on while they were running. So I'm sure she could have done another lap or two, but got distracted by the poor dead caterpillar.

The kids all started jumping up and down when the amount was unveiled. Their principle was a very good sport and took a whipped cream pie to the face.

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