Sunday, November 30, 2014

Layla's preschool hoe down

Layla's preschool does not celebrate Halloween. Instead the last day of school before Halloween they have a hoe down. The kids wear western type clothes, sing some fun songs, and have a special treat. Layla wore the same outfit Sanaa did when Sanaa was 4. At first Layla did not want to wear her western style clothes. But then I showed Layla a picture of Sanaa and Layla got all excited and wanted to look just like Sanaa did. Which meant I also had to braid her hair the same way. 

I showed up at Layla's preschool in time to watch the kids sing a few songs and enjoy their special snack.

It is hard to get a serious picture of Layla. She is almost always doing something goofy or making a silly face for the camera.

Sanaa did not have school on the day that Layla had her hoe down (there were parent-teacher conferences at Sanaa's school that day), so Sanaa got to come along and watch Layla. Sanaa was also excited that she got to see her old teacher (Mrs. Marek) who is Layla's current teacher. Since they had extra snacks after serving all the kids in Layla's class, Sanaa got to enjoy some as well. They had plain rice cakes with orange frosting and skittles to decorate with.

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