Sunday, November 9, 2014

End of summer fun

I do realize that it is fall and we are now into November, but that's just how far behind I am on blogging. The weekend before Sanaa started school we spent a day out at the coast. It was also my birthday weekend, so Nate and I had a night away at the coast as well.  Nate and I spent a night in Newport. Years ago (before I was married) I remembered eating along the pier in Newport where some seals hung out. I wasn't sure I could find the place again, so after dinner Nate and I walked along the pier until we heard the seals. And sure enough we found them! I took the pictures so our kids could see them when we got home. 

The day before school began we took our kids back out to the coast and tried a new beach area. We loved it! We were at Ecola State Park and it did get quite busy. The parking lot filled up completely, but since we got there early we had no trouble with parking. The kids had a lot of fun, like they normally do at the beach. They spend hours just running around, playing in the water, and digging.

The weekend after Sanaa began school we went to Oaks Park (an amusement park in Portland) where my mom's work was having their annual family lunch. They had a gal there face painting. So Sanaa got her face and hands painted on. Layla and Malakai had no interest at all in having any paint on them. After lunch we then walked around and took the kids on some of the rides. Their favorite ride seems to be the big slide. Malakai loved it and squealed with delight as we came down.

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