Sunday, November 9, 2014

Apple picking and cider making

This year we did our apple picking and cider making earlier than past years. It was kind of nice doing it earlier. Normally we make apple cider at the end of October or beginning of November. But this year we bumped it up to the beginning of October. The last Saturday in September, the girls and I went apple picking with my dad. We filled four 5-gallon buckets with apples. We picked enough to fill those buckets about 25 times. 

Sanaa and Layla began apple picked with lots of energy, but eventually fizzled out. So they spent the last hour or two (we were there for almost 4 hours) sitting in my dad's truck and watching PBS kids on my phone. We also had nice warm weather for picking apples. I'm use to cold and rainy weather, so having the sun out was a very nice change.

Two weeks after we picked the apples, my brother and his family, my parents, and Nate and I with our kids met at my parents house to make the apples cider. We had another really nice day. It started out cloudy but then the sun came out and it got quite warm. But I'd rather make apple cider on warm day than a rainy and cool day like past years.

Malakai has started calling the apple cider "papa's juju" (grandpa's juice). Every time we pull some apple cider out, he points at it and tells us it's grandpa's juice.

Sanaa, Layla, and Ariana having some kind of meeting. I'm not sure what they were discussing, but it sure was cute.

This picture of my brother scooping out more apples from the back of the truck while my kids are standing their eating apples makes me chuckle. I guess they had worked too long and too hard and needed a break.

Malakai was very curious about the process and just how all that juice came out. The past couple years he's been too young to understand or really notice what was going on. It was fun watch him with his curiosity.

The rest of the pictures below are ones that Karen took. She's a much better photographer than I am!

We ended up with just under 29 gallons of apple cider. That should last us for a few months! I know we've been enjoying it out our house.

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