Sunday, October 26, 2014

The day I killed our smoke detector

Ever since we moved into our house I have greatly disliked our smoke detector. It would go off at the slightest hint of heat. I could set the smoke detector off just by boiling water. It had become such an annoyance that it did not even phase our kids anymore. Instead of them getting scared and thinking there was a fire, they would run to get towels and start fanning the smoke detector to stop it from beeping. 

One evening as I was attempting to bake pizza pockets, the smoke detector kept going off. After the 6th time of it going off in 5-10 minutes I lost it. I took a towel and I hit the smoke detector so hard I knocked it right off the ceiling. And it finally stopped beeping. 

The kids were very concerned at first and wouldn't go near it. They honestly thought the detector had electricity in it that would zap them if they touched it. And yes, it did have a battery, but they were scared to even get near it until I picked up and showed them it wouldn't hurt them. I also had to explain that they could touch the plastic on the outside and that would not hurt them.

When I knocked it off the ceiling Sanaa excitedly said to Layla, "Isn't it great Layla?!?! Now it won't keep going off and mommy can cook and we don't have to bring fans out!"

Layla responded, "Daddy's not going to be very happy." She then asked me with a very concerned tone whether it would ever beep again and I said that I hoped not.

I sent a text to Nate telling him about Layla's response and he had me tell Layla that he was laughing and not mad. I told Layla that daddy wasn't mad at me but all she said was, "Oh, but will he throw you out now?"

Haha! She was still concerned that daddy would be upset that I knocked the smoke detector off the ceiling.

We did get a new smoke detector which works much much better. I can finally boil water and bake pizza and other things without the smoke detector going off.

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Neville said...

I was very surprised that when we moved into our house, there was a smoke detector in every single room. And ours were incredibly sensitive. It was almost like they were put in to make sure that no one ever uses the stove, the oven or any hot water. You could not even take a hot shower in the winter.

Neville @ Electrical Experts