Sunday, October 26, 2014

Presto the Magician

During the summer, our church had a Family Fun night once a month. I think that Presto the Magician was probably the kids' favorite. Sanaa got picked to be a "helper" for one of the tricks. When he asked Sanaa how old she was, she answered, "I'm six." He responded by saying, "I'm sorry your sick. I hope you feel better." Then Sanaa would say, "No, I'm six!" and he would say something like, "I know your sick, but how old are you?" That conversation went back and forth with her giggling uncontrollably until Presto finally understood she was six and not sick.

In the trick, Presto the Magician was making her a balloon animal, but had trouble with the balloon. Sanaa could not stop laughing during the trick.

Eventually, he made Sanaa a balloon dog but then the poor dog got stepped on and it popped.

Presto the Magician then put the popped balloon into a paper bag and attempted to blow life back into it. And it worked!

Sanaa's friend Cadence (who I was watching for the week) also got picked as one of the helpers. She helped with a ball trick and couldn't stop talking about it. Even the next day when she and sister came back to our house she was still talking excitedly about the ball trick and helping the magician.

At Layla's preschool earlier in the spring Presto the Magician had performed, so Layla really enjoyed getting to watch him again. It was definitely a fun evening.

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