Sunday, October 26, 2014

The day I killed our smoke detector

Ever since we moved into our house I have greatly disliked our smoke detector. It would go off at the slightest hint of heat. I could set the smoke detector off just by boiling water. It had become such an annoyance that it did not even phase our kids anymore. Instead of them getting scared and thinking there was a fire, they would run to get towels and start fanning the smoke detector to stop it from beeping. 

One evening as I was attempting to bake pizza pockets, the smoke detector kept going off. After the 6th time of it going off in 5-10 minutes I lost it. I took a towel and I hit the smoke detector so hard I knocked it right off the ceiling. And it finally stopped beeping. 

The kids were very concerned at first and wouldn't go near it. They honestly thought the detector had electricity in it that would zap them if they touched it. And yes, it did have a battery, but they were scared to even get near it until I picked up and showed them it wouldn't hurt them. I also had to explain that they could touch the plastic on the outside and that would not hurt them.

When I knocked it off the ceiling Sanaa excitedly said to Layla, "Isn't it great Layla?!?! Now it won't keep going off and mommy can cook and we don't have to bring fans out!"

Layla responded, "Daddy's not going to be very happy." She then asked me with a very concerned tone whether it would ever beep again and I said that I hoped not.

I sent a text to Nate telling him about Layla's response and he had me tell Layla that he was laughing and not mad. I told Layla that daddy wasn't mad at me but all she said was, "Oh, but will he throw you out now?"

Haha! She was still concerned that daddy would be upset that I knocked the smoke detector off the ceiling.

We did get a new smoke detector which works much much better. I can finally boil water and bake pizza and other things without the smoke detector going off.

Presto the Magician

During the summer, our church had a Family Fun night once a month. I think that Presto the Magician was probably the kids' favorite. Sanaa got picked to be a "helper" for one of the tricks. When he asked Sanaa how old she was, she answered, "I'm six." He responded by saying, "I'm sorry your sick. I hope you feel better." Then Sanaa would say, "No, I'm six!" and he would say something like, "I know your sick, but how old are you?" That conversation went back and forth with her giggling uncontrollably until Presto finally understood she was six and not sick.

In the trick, Presto the Magician was making her a balloon animal, but had trouble with the balloon. Sanaa could not stop laughing during the trick.

Eventually, he made Sanaa a balloon dog but then the poor dog got stepped on and it popped.

Presto the Magician then put the popped balloon into a paper bag and attempted to blow life back into it. And it worked!

Sanaa's friend Cadence (who I was watching for the week) also got picked as one of the helpers. She helped with a ball trick and couldn't stop talking about it. Even the next day when she and sister came back to our house she was still talking excitedly about the ball trick and helping the magician.

At Layla's preschool earlier in the spring Presto the Magician had performed, so Layla really enjoyed getting to watch him again. It was definitely a fun evening.

A short stint caring for 5 kids

The last two weeks in August I cared for two extra kids. I met the family through our neighbor about a year ago when she was caring for the older sister (Cadence) and my girls became friends with Cadence. Both Sanaa and Cadence attended kindergarten at the same school although Sanaa was in the AM class and Cadence was in the PM class. So we didn't get to see her much during the school year. Her mom then found a new baby sitter and our neighbor found a new job. Then about 4 weeks before school started back up Cadence's baby sitter went into labor early and her mom was scrambling to find child care. So I offered to watch Cadence and her baby sister for the last two weeks of August before school started. Those two weeks taught me that I will never do child care in my home. I love kids and I love having play dates with my children's friend, but caring for 5 children that were ages 8 months to 7 years for 9 1/2 to 10 hours a day was not fun. I was exhausted by the end of the two weeks. The kids had fun and my kids are still asking when we'll get to have another baby of our own, but I don't have the stamina or patience to do child care long term from my house. 

I was afraid that Malakai would be jealous of the baby and the first day he was. But after that, all he wanted to do was help feed the baby and hold the baby and play with the baby. It was very cute to watch.

Since the weather was great, they spent most of their time playing outside. What they enjoyed the most was creating a small river in our back yard. They spent hours working on it together.

Sanaa also drew some chalk figures one day. The first drawing was a fairy and the second one was Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

During the two weeks it was a struggle to come up with different activities for them to do so they didn't get bored. With the baby taking 2 naps a day it was hard to even find the time to go to a park. Generally, Lily slept for 2 hours in the morning and woke up just before lunch. Then right after lunch Malakai would go down for his nap while Lily stayed up for a little while. About a half hour to an hour before Malakai woke up, Lily would then go down for her second nap and sleep another 2 hours. She would end up waking an hour or so before her mom came.

One activity that I did find was making foaming bubbles. You basically just use a hand mixer to whip together dish soap and water. The kids ended up using that soap foam to clean all the tables outside. It was great! It's not what I thought they would do, but my tables have never looked cleaner!

The last day that Lily and Cadence were with us, Sanaa and Layla were a little sad. They wanted Lily and Cadence to stay forever.

Friday, October 17, 2014

A quick October update

I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted an update. I do have some posts saved as drafts that I need to finish.

The first update is that Sanaa is doing much better! This week was the first week that we had no tears at all when I dropped her off! Last Friday I took her to the doctor because she's complained of her stomach hurting for quite awhile now. She did have to have some blood drawn and that was a nightmare! I had to physically restrain her as she screamed at the top of her lungs. It took me and 3 nurses to hold her down just to get the blood drawn. Layla and Malakai were completely terrified and literally stood frozen with their backs against a wall. Before I had to help restrain her, she actually bolted down the hallway and two of the nurses and I had to corner her. From there I had to carry her back to the room as she flailed and kicked. It was easily the worst and hardest 15 minutes ever. She gets very worked up over shots and needles, so the majority of her response was just due to the idea of being poked by a needle. Once they started drawing the blood she stopped crying and just said, "Oh, that was it? That was just a little poke."

Oh. My. Goodness. Yes, it was just a little poke. Did we really need to go through the 15 minutes of screaming?

I hope that Layla and Malakai aren't completely scarred and terrified of needles after witnessing Sanaa's meltdown.

But, back to the doctor appointment. Our pediatrician put Sanaa on Prilosec. Since Sanaa had a history of reflux as a baby, the pediatrician figured we could give that a shot. Kids have a hard time describing exactly what hurts and since nothing else was physically wrong and there were no tender areas on her stomach treating her for reflux sounded good to me. She started the Prilosec last Friday. Saturday we were at my parents house. Normally when we drive home from Newberg after seeing my parents she begins complaining about her stomach hurting and needing to throw up. She then spends a long time in the bathroom once we're home. But this time she complained only a little bit and then went to bed pretty quick! She hasn't complained about her stomach hurting at all this week.

The result to her blood tests came back earlier this week and they were normal. So, it really appears that she was having trouble with reflux but didn't know how to adequately describe it. I am so happy and relieved that it wasn't something more. She takes her pill very well and has started to swallow the whole capsule instead of having me open it and sprinkling the medication on some applesauce.

The next update, is that our pastor is retiring. He last Sunday will be the first Sunday in November. That is leading to a lot of changes at church. For the month of November and December we won't have an interim pastor. So, Nate has been asked to preach some. Our worship pastor will be preaching and then the district superintendent will also be preaching to fill in until our interim pastor can start in January.

With our pastor retiring, we also ended up saying goodbye to our children's pastor. So, many of the parents have stepped in to help in the children's area until we have a new children's pastor. I haven't offered take on any new responsibilities but plan to continue coordinating our once a month moms play dates at church and I'm helping the kids practice for their Christmas musical. They practice during church and since I'm there and there isn't any prep work for me to do I'm quite happy to help in this way. Life is definitely busy around here, but at least everyone has been healthy. Hopefully we'll continue to stay healthy!