Sunday, September 7, 2014

Trip to California (part 12) - random pictures and our drive home

This is the final post about our trip to California. It was a fun trip and one I'm sure the girls will remember. We had a great time spending a week with Nate's family and we really enjoyed our time with our nephews and niece that we hadn't seen in 3 years. This last post is just some fun, random pictures from the week that didn't seem to fit in elsewhere.

Before Grandpa Strawsburg's party Layla fixed her hair and added her bows.

Daniel had some fun of his own. One afternoon Daniel wandered off to the bathroom and we didn't realize it at first. Once Caleb found him, we knew why he had been so quiet and content. He had been busy emptying a toilet paper roll all over the floor!

Isaac sporting his new shades that Bethany (Nate and Caleb's cousins' wife) gave him. Malakai and Daniel also got a pair.

 Yes, I took a random picture of a hospital. However, there was a reason. Sanaa's favorite stuffed animal, Tiger, that she has slept with since she was a baby was bought here. Nate's grandma volunteered at this hospital in the gift shop and bought the stuffed Tiger for Sanaa as a present. Sanaa loves that Tiger and I'm quite glad it was found at Crater Lake and mailed back to us.

We had one large table with a small round one pushed up next to it for all 12 of us to eat at.

After the aquarium, everyone fell asleep in the van on the way home except for Papa Gene (who was driving and if he had fallen asleep that would have been very very bad), uncle Caleb, aunt Sarah (I don't think she fell asleep but since she was in the front and I was in the back I couldn't actually tell), Layla, and I.

I wanted to snap a picture of Gramma Carol snoozing but Layla photo bombed me.

Papa Gene and Gramma Carol with their 6 grandkids that were ages 6 (Sanaa), 4 (Layla), 3 (Natalie), 3 (Isaac), 2 (Malakai), and 1 (Daniel) on this trip.

Nate and Caleb with their parents.

A bunch of different family pictures from our last evening there.

A dance party that Isaac, Natalie, and Daniel were having.

Nate and I drove the big 12 passenger van back from California to Oregon while his parents stayed in California to attend his cousin's wedding. We left very early Friday morning (6:30am) to get ahead of the traffic in L.A. Gene was monitoring traffic for us and while we were driving would text and give us an alternate route to get around some heavy traffic. So getting out of L.A. turned out to be fairly easy and we didn't get stuck in very heavy traffic which was nice.

It took us 2 long days to drive home. We drove about 8 hours each day but with stops and bathroom breaks it was closer to 10 hours. When we were about 45 minutes from home the traffic on I-5 came to a complete stop. I ended up getting off of I-5 at Wilsonville and took a back route to our home. It was a little frustrating to be so close to home and then get stuck in stopped traffic on the highway.

At one of our stops I gave Malakai a wipe to clean his hands off. He did wipe his hands, but then he set to work cleaning the bottom of a light post and a bench. He was very proud of his hard work.

Sanaa looking at the view at a rest area. We definitely had a fun trip!

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