Sunday, September 7, 2014

Trip to California (part 11) - the aquarium

I am nearly done with posts about our California trip. I'll probably have one final one after this.

Our last day in California we spent the morning at the aquarium in L.A. The afternoon we spent packing since we were leaving bright and early the next morning to drive home.

The aquarium was fun! Our kids always enjoy visiting an aquarium and seeing the different fish and ocean animals.

In their Shark Lagoon area they had a couple large touch tanks where we could actually feel small sharks and rays as they swam by. We also got to see them feed all the sharks. When the feeding time occurred the staff made several announcements that everyone needed to keep their hands and fingers out of the water so the sharks didn't mistake anyone's fingers as food. After that announcement our kids decided they were done touching the sharks.

One of the largest Rays I have ever seen.

A Sawfish. Sawfish are rays and are related to sting rays, skates, and sharks. I thought this was some type of shark but I was wrong.

The Garden Eel is one ocean creature I had not seen before. They burrow into the sea floor and poke their heads above while the rest of their body remains hidden. If a fish or predator swims by they burrow back down into the sand.

Here are two pictures of the Leafy Sea Dragons we saw. They are found in shallow waters off of Australia's southern coast.

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