Monday, September 22, 2014

Summer time fun

When we weren't busy spending time with extended family or traveling, the kids and I spent a lot of time in our back yard playing with water. They spent hours playing with water balloons, splashing in their inflatable pool, and running through the sprinklers. Towards the end of the summer we also had a lot more fighting going on, so while these pictures show the fun moments, just know that there were just as many (if not more) moments where the kids were fighting, screaming, and/or crying. By the end of August I was ready for school to start back up so that we could all get a little break from each other. 

Sanaa, the pirate. In church they had a unit where they studied God's treasure (the Bible) and since pirates love to search for treasure they did a few pirate themed activities.

We also did some crafts and painting this summer. We didn't do too much of it though since they were more interested in being outside. I imagine this fall and winter we'll be doing more arts and crafts once the rainy weather returns.

I've also been serenaded a few times. Both Malakai and Layla pretended that my music stand was a microphone and belted out some tunes. I'm not sure what they were singing since they were making stuff up, but they were really into what they were singing. Malakai has really surprised with his love for music and the fact that he can carry a tune fairly well for his age. The soundtrack to the movie Frozen is one of their favorite things to listen to and Malakai gets closer to singing in tune with the songs than his sisters do. Granted, he doesn't get the words right since he's still learning to talk, but he's picked up new words through the songs.

Our gigantic sunflower. Last year I planted a sunflower seed expecting it to be a small sunflower, but it was huge. Those seeds fell and I picked up some but left others on the ground. One seed that fell sprouted and grew into a second huge sunflower this year. Once these seeds fall I'll keep them and plant them again next year. My dad also wants some to plant at his house. The kids love the huge sunflower that we have in our garden.

Making mud soup and mud cakes was another activity the kids spent a lot of time doing this summer. They would typically scoop water out of their pool so they could make their soups and cakes. I expect this fall as the rain begins that they'll be making lots of things with mud.

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