Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sanaa's first day of First Grade

Yesterday Sanaa started her first day of 1st grade. I meant to write about it yesterday but had to finish getting all my stuff tagged and ready to drop off at the consignment sale this morning.

Yesterday wasn't the best day. We had a rough start to the morning when she didn't like the fact that she had to wear shoes that covered her toes. The socks were uncomfortable, the shoes were uncomfortable, and I lost my patience with her. We had bought her brand new school shoes and now she was refusing to wear them and the shoes she did want to wear were too small. 

But she finally got some shoes on and we took some pictures. 

Layla and Malakai wanted to be a part of the pictures as well. So they got a turn after Sanaa.

Dropping Sanaa off at school was hard. Nate and I walked Sanaa to her class to drop her off. Sanaa must of had first day jitters because she started crying and clung to my arm so I wouldn't leave her. Of course that made me lose it and I started tearing up. I hugged her and kissed her goodbye and made a beeline out before she saw me crying or I don't think either of us would have stopped crying. I then took Layla and Malakai to the bathroom (Layla needed to go) while Nate went in and gave Sanaa another hug. As I came out of the bathroom with Layla and Malakai I saw Sanaa through a window and could tell she was still crying. Her teacher (Maestra Santana) noticed her crying as well and took Sanaa to her desk so she could sit with her. Then Nate and I left. 

I felt awful the rest of the day and wondered how Sanaa was doing. I was fairly sure she was fine, but she had never cried before when we dropped her off at school and it caught me completely off guard. Finally the afternoon arrived and it was time to pick Sanaa up. When she saw me she gave me the biggest and hardest hug ever and almost started crying again. I almost lost it a second time. But then I got Sanaa to talk about her day and she described her day with a lot of excitement and talked more about her day at school then she ever has in the past. 

She did tell me that school is too long and she doesn't like being there all day. Since she's attending a Spanish charter school her teacher also spent a lot of time talking in Spanish. The books her teacher read and the songs they sang were in Spanish. Sanaa said she and her friends had no idea what her teacher was saying, but I reassured her that was okay. The best way to learn Spanish is to let her teacher talk and soon Sanaa will figure out what the teacher is saying.

Today's drop off went much better. Sanaa didn't cry but she did give me a big hug. Yesterday I was nearly ready to pull her out of school and homeschool, but I know once she adjusts to a full day of school she'll be fine. The neat thing is that two of her classmates from kindergarten is in her 1st grade class so she already knows two kids. There are also two or three kids from her preschool class that are in 1st grade with her as well but have the other 1st grade teachers.

Tomorrow Layla gets to meet her preschool teacher (she has the same teacher Sanaa had!) and then next Tuesday Layla will begin her school year.

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