Sunday, September 21, 2014

Painting the boat

About a year and half ago my dad, with the help of one of his friends from church, moved a boat that is not seaworthy anyone onto their property for the kids to use at a play house. He built a ladder and covered a large open space with ply wood so that the kids won't get hurt. One Saturday I took my kids over to my parents house so that they could help grandpa work on the boat. They helped by painting the ladder and some other parts of the boat so that when it starts raining the wood is more protected from the elements. 

I stripped Malakai and Layla so they wouldn't get paint on their clothes and both of them painted for a little bit. But quickly lost interest, so my mom watched them while my dad, Sanaa, and I finished painting. 

Sanaa would have continued painting the entire boat, except that we ran out of paint. She loved painting the boat and has grand plans about how we can paint it different colors. Maybe next summer we'll have a little more time to spend painting the boat, but for now, the kids like their new play area at grandpa and grandmas.

The kids also love to spend time swinging at grandpa and grandma's house. My dad installed a second swing so we have a little less fighting since there are two swings instead of just one. Malakai would spend most of his time swinging if we let him.

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