Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Layla's first day of preschool (4's class)

Today Layla started preschool and she was very excited to finally be heading back to school. She asked me nearly every day last week when she would get to go to school. This morning I asked her to go get dressed so I could take her picture for her first day of preschool. She told me no because she needed a picture in her pjs while wearing her roller skates.

After we got the pj pictures done she happily scampered off and got dressed.

Malakai also had to be in these pictures and he had to hold the sign as well. He is not going to preschool yet, but will get to start next year. When I looked at this picture I was surprised with how tall Malakai looks. He's growing up fast!

I knew Layla was excited about starting school, but I wasn't expecting her to just run into her class, look over her shoulder and say bye to me as she headed off to explore her new room. Umm... what about a hug? Layla does have the same teacher that Sanaa had when she was 4 years old. Mrs. Marek is a great teacher and I think one of the reasons Layla ran into class was because she was already familiar with Mrs. Marek. Sanaa still talks about how fun Mrs. Marek was and how much fun Layla is going to have.

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Anonymous said...

We noticed that Layla wore the same dress to her first day at Preschool as Sanaa wore two years earlier. Must be the fancy frills feel comfortable for new situations! —Papa Gene