Sunday, September 21, 2014

Beach day with great grandpa Craul and other PA family (part 2)

These pictures were taken by Karen and I love the pictures she took. 

This picture of Sanaa and Layla running down the beach is one of my favorites. I'm not sure what it is that I love so much about it, but I did end up having this picture put onto a canvas so that I can hang it in our hall. I think I just love the carefree, summer day feel it has.

My brother and Karen are also known for taking jumping pictures, so of course we took some of those on the beach too.

My brother photo bombing this picture of me makes me laugh every time. It really looks like he's about to tackle me.

Taking fun family pictures always makes me smile. The way Malakai was "framed" as my dad jumped makes it look like my dad was jumping over him even though Malakai was at least 3-4 feet in front of him.

It was a fun family day at the beach. Nate unfortunately had to work, but I'm glad that my kids were able to get some time with their great grandpa and their great uncle and great aunt.

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