Sunday, August 10, 2014

Trip to California (part 7) - grandpa Strawsburg's 89th birthday

On Sunday, July 6th we celebrated Floyd's 89th birthday. This is gramma Carol's dad. It was a lot of fun and our kids got to meet most of Nate's side of the family. I believe there was only one of Nate's cousins that didn't make it. A couple of Nate's cousins also have kids but Kensington and Sanaa were the oldest (each of them are 6). So we had 10 little kids ages 6 and under running around at the party. 

Bethany, who married Nate's cousin Michael, made the most adorable headbands for Sanaa, Layla, and Natalie. She knew we were going to Disneyland and made the girls special headbands for the day we went. The girls really liked them!

Our kids eating with some of their cousins and 2nd cousins. Natalie and Everlee (they are on the right side) spent most of the time talking to each other. It was great!

After lunch, we turned a movie on so that the little ones would have something to keep them distracted while all the adults had time to catch up with each other.

Sanaa made a special gift for great grandpa Strawsburg. She sewed pink buttons onto a rubber pot holder and gave it to him.

Most of the great grand kids. Only two were missing from this picture.

Nate's mom also had a professional photographer come and take pictures for a couple hours while we were together. He took some great pictures and I only picked out a few to share on here.

Grandpa Strawsburg with the great grand kids. We were missing 3 at picture time.

The whole family together. Nate hasn't seen some of his cousins in 20 years or so. I'm glad we were able to make the trip down and spend an afternoon with his extended family. Even Gene's brother, Steve, (he is on the end in the back row on the left) was able to come. Steve never had kids, so the only cousins Nate has are on his mom's side.

Carol with her two brothers, dad, and step mom. Carol's mom passed away when Nate was in high school. When Nate was in college Floyd married Edith and she is a wonderful lady! It's always fun to see Floyd and Edith and spend time with them.

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