Friday, August 1, 2014

Trip to California (part 5) - San Francisco and Cupertino

From the Redwood Forest we headed to San Francisco and then Cupertino. We saw the Golden Gate bridge and Papa Gene took us on a brief driving tour of the city.

From afar we also saw Alcatraz.

Sanaa thought seeing a trolley was pretty fun.

Papa Gene drove us by the famous Lombard St. I know I was not prepared for how steep some of these streets were. Sanaa and Malakai thought it was awesome and would squeal as we went up and down the streets.

Layla spent the driving tour napping. I didn't even realize she was asleep until part way through. I'm not sure at what point she fell asleep. I did ask her if she remembered the huge bridge and she said she didn't, so there is the possibility that she fell asleep before we even saw the Golden Gate bridge.

After San Francisco we drove to Cupertino and visited Apple headquarters. Nate was able to get us inside since he works for Apple and we got to see the nice courtyard area and let the kids run around some. We also went to the company store.

After that we headed to our hotel. The kids love the koi pond! They could have watched the fish swim for hours. Once we finished dinner the waitress gave the kids some food for the fish and they all got to feed the fish. I'm not sure if feeding the fish or swimming at the hotel pool was the highlight for them. I know they greatly enjoyed both!

At breakfast the next morning Layla was working on raising and lowering one eye brow at a time. She's getting pretty good.

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