Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hanging out in a fire truck

Last night our church had its annual Salmon bake. The food was great (like usual!). However, the most exciting part for the kids was that one of the church members has a connection with some firemen and he invited them to come and bring their truck. The firemen were really nice and after we ate we got to see their truck, try on their boots and sit inside the truck. 

Sanaa and I were the only ones from our family to try on the boots and pants. Layla and Malakai suddenly got shy around the firemen, even though they had been sitting at the table right next to us during dinner and we had been talking with them some. The boots and pants are heavy and quite warm. I do not envy firemen at all having to wear that on a hot day.

Nate, Sanaa and Layla all had the opportunity to sit in the front. Malakai wouldn't go near the steps to the front seat for some reason.

However, he was all excited about climbing into the backseat and even threw a tiny fit when it was time to get out and let someone else have a turn.

On the way home Sanaa asked if girls could be firefighters too and I told her they definitely can. I often wonder what our kids will choose to do once they grow up. Nate and I were talking about our kids and the interests they have right now. If those interests stayed the same we think Sanaa might be some kind of artist or art teacher, Layla might be our adventurous one rock climbing or doing some type of extreme sport (yesterday she was getting ready to attempt to fly off of Sanaa's top bunk by holding onto two feathers! I'm glad I stopped that before she jumped.), and Malakai might be our musician and sports player (either soccer or baseball since those seem to be his favorites at the moment).

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