Sunday, August 3, 2014

A prayer request

I know I've been giving updates on our trip to California, but right now I'd like to request prayer for my parents' former pastor and his wife (Ed and Carrie Nichols). A week ago (last Sunday) my mom sent an email letting me know that Carrie had been taken to the hospital with stroke like symptoms. Ed and Carrie were in Dominica where Ed was pastoring a church. They had moved there in February.

Carrie's condition was quite serious and one of their daughters began a CaringBridge site that I've been following all week. Carrie had a large bleed on the right side of her brain and they had no idea what caused it. The doctor in Dominica recommended that Carrie be flown back to the U.S. I believe she was flown to Florida late Monday night. On Tuesday she had surgery to relieve the pressure on her brain (I believe) but the surgery was unsuccessful due to the size of the clot in her brain.

The latest update from today is that Carrie needs a miracle to live. Their four children flew down to Florida on Wednesday and from the sound of the latest journal entry have they have said their goodbyes to their mom.

This is hard. I'm praying for a miracle because I know it can happen. Last Sunday just before I got the initial news from my mom I had finished reading a book called Miracle. Each summer our church has missionary books we can read through and I just happened to read that one. It was a short book about a missionary in South America that arrived home just as thieves were there and ended up being shot. His injuries were so severe that he shouldn't have survived. In fact, he did die on the operating table but then his heart started beating again. So I know miracles can happen.

I don't know why this has happened to Carrie but I would ask that you pray for that family as well as my parents and their church.

If you want to read the CaringBridge site for Carrie you can find it here:

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