Friday, July 25, 2014

Trip to California (part 4) - Redwood National Forest

We left Crater Lake Wednesday morning and headed down to the Redwood National Forest in California. Not long into our drive Sanaa got car sick. She has never gotten car sick before and it caught me completely off guard. We stopped and she walked around outside a little bit and went to the bathroom (in the little toddler toilet I brought along). She felt better and we continued on. A couple hours later we stopped at a Walmart to pick up some supplies for the drive (paper towels, trash bags, etc) and when Layla stepped out of the car she began throwing up! Sanaa still wasn't feeling well so now we had two car sick kids! Walking around Walmart seemed to help both of them and after that they were okay for the rest of the day.

Seeing the large trees in the Redwood forest.

The girls found a snail and asked for a picture with it.

This was kind of cool to see. A tree that grew out of the stump of another and then its roots went down the sides.

The kids inside their fort they found. Sanaa really wanted to stay there and make it her house.

The Big tree. The stats on Big Tree are height 304 ft, diameter 21.6 ft, circumference 60 ft, and estimated age 1500 years.

Malakai, Layla, and Sanaa in front of the Big Tree.

A family picture in front of another tree.

Layla called this tree the twin tree.

It is so hard to get a serious picture with these 3! But their goofy pictures sure are fun to look at.

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