Saturday, June 14, 2014

The birthday cakes

The ideas for the cakes came from Pinterest and were pretty easy to do. Considering that I made 3 cakes, I'm glad that these cakes were easier that the past years. Sanaa and Layla had identical cakes, but different flavors. Sanaa's cake also had Elsa on it while Layla's cake had Anna. For the girls cake I just covered the cakes in white icing. I didn't even worry about it being smooth since it was suppose to look like snow. I then used blue ice candy to decorate the sides and behind the dolls. Sanaa chose chocolate cake, Layla picked strawberry cake, and Malakai had funfetti cake (vanilla with sprinkles in it).

Malakai's cake was Olaf themed with Olaf enjoying a nice summer day on the beach.

The hardest part of the cakes was making the ice candy. My first attempt did not go well and I was a little stressed on Thursday trying to figure out a backup plan. Friday I attempted to make the ice candy again and this time it worked! It turns out I just needed to let the mixture boil longer. Since I don't have a candy thermometer I just let it boiled until it turned an amber color and started to smell a little like burned sugar. It worked! I wouldn't recommend everyone cooking candy that way but for my purpose it worked. The candy is just sugar, water, and corn syrup. Once it had boiled long enough I took it off the stove and added blue food coloring and peppermint extract. The girls didn't like it but Malakai did. It tasted like hard peppermint candy which the girls don't like. At the party I even had one kid tell me that they didn't want any glass to eat! That made all the adults laugh.

Malakai's cake was fun (and easy) to make as well. I used two layers (which is hard to see). The first layer is the ocean. The second layer I cut and then angled it to make it a beach area. The sand is brown sugar on top of white icing. I made Olaf's towel out of some leftover modeling chocolate I had. The umbrella I made from paper that I taped onto a lollipop stick.

The Olaf cut out was one thing I wasn't sure would happen. I didn't want to free hand Olaf's face because I'm not that good of an artist. So I traced Olaf's face from the poster we used for pin the nose on Olaf onto wax paper. I then cut that out and used it to trace around onto a piece of cardboard. I used one of the boxes that Nate's parents sent with gifts for the kids. Then I painted it and cut the mouth out. I am quite proud with how it turned out and probably won't be throwing it away for quite some time.

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