Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tadpoles, frogs, and rainbows

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that we brought some tadpoles home from my parents house. They have been busy growing and we've been able to watch 3 of them change into little frogs! It's been pretty exciting around here as the kids look into the tank each morning to see whether or not another tadpole has grown some more legs. 

We had three tadpoles turn into little frogs, but sadly two died. The other tadpoles have enjoyed feasting on the little frogs that died which is pretty gross. But some of the bigger tadpoles have also feasted on some of the smaller tadpoles. We do feed them lettuce or spinach and check their food daily, but I've read that bigger tadpoles will eat smaller ones and it's just something that happens.

Last week, when our first tadpole suddenly got it's front legs we upgraded to a small fish tank with a lid. There are some holes on the lid but I didn't think that would be a problem. The frogs were so little that I didn't think they'd being able to jump up and through the small hole.

What I didn't anticipate was our little frogs climbing the walls. All three frogs preferred to climb to the very top of the fish tank and hang out. So I ended up cutting a pair of old panty hose to put over the tank so that the little guys couldn't come out through the holes in the lid.

Today after church we sent our one remaining frog home with my parents so that they could release it back into their little pond/fountain area where we found the tadpoles. I think the frog will have a better chance at surviving there than it will at our house. Besides, we still have 8-10 tadpoles in our tank!

This last picture is one that Layla took. She really wanted to take a picture of the frog, so I let her. It's not a bad picture!

Finally, rainbows have nothing to do with tadpoles or frogs, but yesterday we went into Portland and saw a rainbow. Nate's parents are here visiting so we went to Portland to see Nate's new store, eat dinner, and walk along the water front. The rainbow is very faint in the picture which is why I put in a little arrow.

At dinner the kids were given wikki stix. I have never heard of them but they are pretty fun. You can twist them up and they stick together. Sanaa asked me to help her make some glasses. She also made a ring and bracelet. Layla just scrunched hers up into balls. Malakai wasn't interested in them at all.

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