Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sanaa's last day of kindergarten

Today was Sanaa's last day of school! Next year she'll start 1st grade and begin attending school all day. She's a little nervous about that. She was in a 1/2 day kindergarten this year. Here, in Oregon, you get 1/2 kindergarten through the public school system for free. If you want full day kindergarten (and your elementary school is offering it) you have to pay. Our elementary school only had 1/2 day, so it wasn't a choice we had to make. I think in a couple years, all of kindergarten in the public schools will be full day and free, but at this point it isn't. 

Sanaa had a great year. She loved her teacher and the friends she made. Below is a picture from her first day and last day. (No she did not get shorter, I just took the pictures from different angles.)

This was our last day to walk to school. There is a forest area that we walk through and we've found several different paths through it. I've also taken the kids to this area during some of our afternoons to just run around and explore. They really enjoying walking through forests and exploring different paths so I think this summer I'll do some short hikes with the kids.

This was also Sanaa's first and last year at Errol Hassell. Next year she'll be starting first grade at Arco Iris which is Spanish charter school. While she's excited to learn Spanish, she's also sad about leaving Errol Hassell (at least that's what she told me today).

Sanaa made Mrs. Wolf a thank you card and Mrs. Wolf asked her what was on the front. Sanaa had written belly button and for some reason drew Mrs. Wolf with a belly button. Mrs. Wolf thought it was pretty funny.

Here is the front of the card. Sanaa drew Mrs. Wolf and herself at a table and then drew a belly button.

In case you can't ready what she wrote, Sanaa said, "Dear Mrs. Wolf, Thank you for teaching me. I will miss you. I love you. Have a fun summer break."

And one final picture with her wonderful kindergarten teacher.

I finally took a picture of this spot below because every day after we picked Sanaa and Marcus up from the bus, the kids (my kids and their friends Marcus and Naomi) would race to these trees to look for little spiders. The spiders would make webs between the trees. When the kids would find one, they would use a stick to get the spider and then chase Lidia and I around the cul-de-sac with spiders either on the stick or dangling from a stick. The kids thought it was hilarious. Even Malakai joined in!

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