Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sanaa's kindergarten program

Nearly 2 weeks ago (at the end of May) we went to Sanaa's kindergarten program. It was a fun, but long evening. They kids sang about 8 songs for us that they've learned this year. After they sang we were dismissed to go back to the classroom. In Sanaa's classroom her teacher had DVD of all the pictures she's taken this year for us to watch. It was fun to see all the things the kids did throughout the year. After the DVD, Mrs. Wolf then handed out certificates for learning site words and being able to count to 100. Out of the 25 site words the kids were suppose to learn by the end of the year, Sanaa knew 23. Sanaa is also able to count all the way to 100 by herself. 

Mrs. Wolf was beginning to tear up as she handed out the kindergarten certificates. She has been a wonderful teacher and Sanaa has loved having her. We will definitely miss Mrs. Wolf. It has been amazing to watch Sanaa grow this year as she's learned knew things. She entered Mrs. Wolf's classroom very shy and had a hard time paying attention. Sanaa was actually on Mrs. Wolf's radar as a possible child to keep her eye on. But it just took Sanaa a little time to adjust to the kindergarten routine and figure out what was expected of her. Just this spring, Sanaa's reading has improved greatly and she moved up a couple of levels and got to be in a new reading group at school.

Next year will be very different for us. Sanaa will not be attending the elementary school where she went for kindergarten. Ever since last summer (after we returned from Guatemala) she has been asking to learn Spanish. Our city has a Spanish charter school and we were able to get Sanaa enrolled there for next year. There were only 32 spots available for 1st grade at the charter school and 50 (or so) 1st grade applicants. At the lottery the charter school had, Sanaa's number was pulled and she gets to attend. She is very excited about attending the Spanish school.

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