Sunday, June 8, 2014

Playing and exploring

We have been quite busy the past few weeks. The weather has been great and we made a new friend, Claire, at swimming lessons. We have been to OMSI with our new friend and to the zoo. In the 2 1/2 years we've lived here I have not taken the kids to OMSI. It was a lot of fun! We all left exhausted. The day that we went, OMSI had a dinosaur exhibit that we got to walk through. We went through it twice. The first time the kids were little scared. The huge dinosaurs actually moved and made noises! The second time we went through, it wasn't nearly as scary. Below you can see Layla standing in front of one of the dinosaurs.

OMSI also had a children's area where there was only one door into it. Staff members monitored the door so that no child left without their parent. So, while I kept an eye on the kids, if I couldn't see them all at one point I didn't have to worry too much. I knew they were still in the room. I stayed pretty close to Malakai the entire time since he's the one who could have gotten hurt by some of the bigger kids running around. Sanaa and Layla are quite independent at this point and had a blast exploring all the things.

Malakai spent a lot of time in "store" area carrying food around, weighing, and searching the cabinets.

He also really enjoyed the area where you could balance plastic balls on air.

The Saturday after we went to OMSI we went to my parents house just to hang out. We've been so busy this spring that we haven't had a day to just hang out with grandpa and grandma. Sanaa and Layla had been asking when we could go and play at grandpa and grandma's, so since they didn't have swimming lessons that morning we packed up and headed over. Even though it was a working Saturday at grandpa and grandma's the kids still had a lot of fun. They helped grandma spread mulch on all the flower beds around their house. Malakai really thought he was strong enough to move the wheelbarrow and had to help grandma with it.

The girls helped grandpa by hitching a ride on the tractor.

This past Friday (June 6) we met up again with our friend Claire and her mom and went to the zoo. It was a very tiring day. Sanaa had a field trip that morning with all the kindergarten students. The field trip was schedule to last 4 hours (8am-noon). Normally she gets out of kindergarten at 10:30am, so I picked her up from school at 12:00 and then we headed to the zoo. Malakai napped on the way and then was ready to go exploring. We ended up spending about 3 1/2 hours there and Malakai walked a majority of time! It was the first time Malakai got to walk at the zoo. Typically he's either been in the stroller or I've carried him. So he thought it was awesome getting walk and experience the animals up close. The goats were quite entertaining since they came up so close to the kids. One goat even peed in front of the kids and Sanaa thought it was the funniest thing ever.

We also got to see a polar bear up close. It was relaxing in the shade near the viewing window. Malakai could have watched it for awhile, but his sisters didn't hang out long at any one exhibit. They were often in a hurry to get to the next exhibit.

Going to the zoo late in the day was kind of fun, however, getting home at dinner time and dealing with the kids melting down was not fun. Since we were there late in the day we got to see ducks, flamingos, monkeys and bats get fed!

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